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Vote Yes on S to protect quality education in Las Virgenes schools without increasing tax rates.

Many Las Virgenes schools were built more than 50 years ago and need urgent repairs and upgrades. Last year over 170 classrooms experienced leaky roofs and some 30+ year-old portable classrooms were condemned due to damage and water leaks.


To succeed in college and careers, graduates must be skilled in today's technologies, science, math, and engineering. Yes on S provides updated classrooms, science labs and technology to meet rising academic standards and serve our community for decades to come.


Voting Yes on S will not increase tax rates beyond what we already pay. Measure S extends the current tax rate previously approved by voters to fund school repairs and improvements.

YES on S will:

  • Provide modern labs, career training facilities, and equipment to prepare students for college and in-demand careers in health sciences, engineering, technology, and skilled trades

  • Update classrooms and technology to support high-quality instruction in math, science, engineering, and technology

  • Repair deteriorating roofs, plumbing, sewer/gas lines, and electrical systems

  • Provide classroom air conditioning for air quality and to avoid extreme temperatures

  • Remove hazardous materials like asbestos and lead pipes

  • Keep computer systems and instructional technology up to date

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Measure S requires strict fiscal accountability:

  • An independent citizens’ oversight committee, annual audits, public spending disclosure and detailed project list ensure funds are spent as promised

  • All funds must be used locally, and no funds can be taken by the State

  • No funds can be used for administrator or teacher salaries or benefits

Whether or not you have school- age children, maintaining quality schools is a wise investment that protects our quality of life and property values.


Vote YES on S to protect quality education WITHOUT INCREASING TAX RATES.
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